Friday, December 11, 2009

Revel Hotel @ Wierd

Revel Hotel brought their distinct synthrock cabaret to Wierd on Wednesday, fusing bared-souls and bombast for an excited (and amorous) crowd. Frontman Johnny Quinlan looked dapper and severe in leather and shades onstage, adding to the drama that built from an instrumental opening. The band’s cover of B-Movie’s “Nowhere Girl” was a highlight (they debuted it first at Coco 66 a few months back), as was “Terminission” and the killer dance track off their forthcoming EP, “1000 Dreams.” Cruel Black Dove’s bassist Shirley Ho also joined Revel Hotel onstage for some dreamy harmonizing, which made the show a real NYC dark rock family affair. Further discussion of the excellent The Beating of the Wings album shall be reserved for the full review…

A more detailed review of Revel Hotel's last show @ Wierd can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Zincink

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