Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jeremy Wade @ Japan Society 12/3,4,5

Jeremy Wade's multi-media dance piece mines the line between kawaii and the grotesque this weekend at Japan Society.

The New Yorker says:

Thinking outside the box, Japan Society has commissioned a piece from Wade, who made a name for himself a few years back as a raver who worked up dances plumbing extreme states. The subject of “There Is No End to More” is kawaii culture, the Japanese kitsch of cute; the aim is both the underbelly and the disturbing overtones. Hiroki Otsuka, known for his sexualized manga, supplies the appropriate imagery, animated by the video artist Veith Michel. A voice-over, sinisterly whispered by an adult male, cleverly mimics the non-sequitur narrative and the whiplash attitudes of an anime heroine, as the actor-dancer Jared Gradinger does something like robot mime, connected to the story only by its emotional tone. Whatever is impelling his pelvic thrusts turns manic as he morphs into the host of a children’s TV show.

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