Thursday, December 31, 2009

Creation Myth @ Wierd

Syncretic vocal emanations
ululations, The Unknown
amplified in a (sic) battle
between dark and light shadows
on concrete.

Mirrored stars above,
they let the fires burn
in synthetic, organic
revelatory hysteries,
(more trance technology
than teleology),
no end, no
every witch way

The ebb and flow
of Creation

Creation Myth: Tamaryn, Religious To Damn's Zohra Atash & Josh Strawn.

Vox, Synths, Drums, Magick.

PH: Boris Gasin (top) + Jeff Elstone (left)


Anonymous said...

Is this a new band or just a one off thing? Anything Tamaryn related gets me pretty excited.

ShadowtimeNYC said...

i believe it was a one off event, but who knows what could materialize in the future...
i'm sure she has something else exciting in store for the upcoming year.