Sunday, December 13, 2009

Metal Machine Magnification + More...

Lou Reed has a new iPhone app that enlarges fonts called "LouZoom."
It does not evoke any atonal aural emissions, but Pitchfork provides plenty of snarky commentary about it, here.


Reed will be signing his new book of photography, Romanticism, at the Steven Kasher gallery this Thursday, from 6-8pm. Exhibition of works in the collection will continue in the back of the gallery through January 9th.


Just got a great new book with a foreward by Reed and contributions from Mo Tucker (and others) called The Velvet Underground: New York Art. With the inclusion of press clippings, musical scribblings, photographs, poster designs, interviews and tons of biographical tidbits, it is a real objet d'art. Gives further reason to romanticize the era, as if we haven't done enough of that already...

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