Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gothic: Dark Glamour - Museum @ FIT

Goth means never having to say good morning, and so curator Valerie Steele from the Museum at FIT has made sure that it’s permanent midnight in her latest exhibit. After descending the stairs into the building’s dimly lit depths, you’ll have to take a moment to adjust before feasting your eyes upon the collection. Gothic: Dark Glamour is the first gothic fashion exhibition ever to be put on by New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, combining high fashion and street fashion from Gaultier, Galliano, and Gothic Lolita to Victorian mourning wear and post-punk finery. While not all designers featured embrace the ‘g – word’, the bleak romanticism and omnipresence of our favorite achromatic color tie all of the exquisite pieces together with sartorial success.

Free! Now through February 21.

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