Friday, January 23, 2009

Mirror: Nostalgia: Dave Gahan

I recently received a promo for Mirror's upcoming release, featuring Dave Gahan. Mirror is cinematic pop from Thomas Anselmi, who has described his album as a "postmodern psychosexual cabaret." He's brought a host of others onboard, too, most notably pianist Mike Garson.
(Sweeping arpeggios from "Aladdin Sane" anyone?)
Anyways, I can't decide if Gahan's song, "Nostalgia" is sweetly seductive or just plain maudlin, but I'm still listening.
Check out the video or download the album here.

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Lora said...

Though I'm Depeche Mode's fan, I've heard David's Nostalgia for the first time & was nicely surprised of it! I think it's very maudlin but Dave is so sweetly seductive!!!