Friday, June 5, 2009

Cruel Black Dove @ Bowery Ballroom // Religious to Damn + Tamaryn @ The Annex

The cruelest black I am (x)
the one sung whilst glowing
red beacon saturated the stage.

Speared on the tip of the spire -
pointed sonic beams
that brought her to her knees,
cord wrapped 'round her wrist,
and eyes toward the sky in a paean
to gimme danger, fringe
on the ladies, the men sturdy behind,
they began...

Before another foursome hailing
from a different time, cinging sighs
and silken shrieks, serious
about salvation/damnation
and a vocal duo making waves
of silver and cold sparks ignited
by her smoldering aloof steps onstage.

And where there's smoke
machines there's fire in the form
of serpentine sounds voiced
by a gilded figure, coins
also clinking, entreating
and entrancing all hips
and hair and lean linear limbs
riding another side of the same wave
as her shimmering sister.

She returned,
and we surrendered.


Yeah, that's right. I wrote the review in blank verse, bitches!


frankie teardrop said...


sad to have missed tamaryn--iamx just got out too late! did you leave early to make both shows?

ShadowtimeNYC said...


yes, i had to forgo IAMX. had seen 'em 3 times, and Tamaryn never...