Monday, April 6, 2009


Montreal's Xavier Paradis may have the French connection, but is actually a forerunner in the distinctly North American movement of minimal synth that has been seething below the surface since the 1990's. Paradis made music under the moniker Arnaud Lazlaud for a decade, and now his debut release as Automelodi presents us with an understated bouquet of spare, synthetic delicacies. The Fait ses Courses EP exudes a romantique moodiness akin to that of French cult classics from the 1980's such as Martin Dupont, Asylum Party, and Opera Multi Steel, and also carries a certain spark reminiscent of Visage or even early Italo Disco. Against the pulsing electronic canvas of Paradis' creation, guitars tremble and sway while his understated emotive vocals hover, sometimes in a whisper, over the dancefloor-ready sounds.

This Wednesday will prove to be very rare indeed, as it marks Automelodi's American debut at Wierd, the eye of NYC's coldwave and minimal synth storm. Following Wednesday's performance at Home Sweet Home, Automelodi will also share the stage with Xeno and Oaklander at an early show Saturday at The Annex.

For a more in-depth look at Automelodi, French minimal synth & coldwave or Wierd Records, check out a write-up on my other blog at

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