Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VDay Couplings Quiz

For what it's worth, VDay is approaching. And for those whose lives aren't already rife with romanticism, this month brings constant reminders of the L-Word(s). As nothing is more mythologized than the sex lives and love affairs of artists - particularly the dark and/or tortured ones - I've created the poll to your right. Whether a rumored rendezvous or a lasting love affair, which coupling most peaks your interest?

UPDATE: Polling is now closed, and the results are as follows:

Bjork & Matthew Barney - 1
Frederic Chopin & George Sand - 5
Siouxsie & Budgie - 2
Percy & Mary Shelley - 4
Frida Kahlo & Josephine Baker - 2
Henry Miller & Anais Nin - 4
Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson - 0

Seems like the 18 participants were far more interested in classic couplings than recent rendezvous, with Chopin & Sand the winners and the Shelleys and Miller & Nin all garnering second place. This stylized version of an 1838 Eugene Delacroix painting featuring the Romantic virtuoso and the novelist/feminist is usually seen as two separate portraits. (It was split in two after Delacroix's death.)

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