Saturday, February 21, 2009

Artist Profile: Purevile!

Old lace with a touch of arsenic, the opulent edges of gilded decay - Wren Britton's Purevile! is fantasy fulfillment in a skeletally-enhanced brooch or antique pendant, an asymmetrical cape or a miniature top hat ensconced in lace. Its origins are in Wren's childhood: the name came to him while watching the 1990 Morrissey video for "November Spawned A Monster." Moz tilted his head up towards the screen, the word "vile" appeared emblazoned on his hat in black electrical tape, and something just clicked.

Since launching his first accessory line on Etsy, Wren has become an official vendor at New York's most eclectic and adventurous happening, Dances of Vice (see my mention of him at January's event), and, more recently, was chosen out of hundreds to showcase and sell his designs at Bust magazine's yearly Holiday Craftacular in NYC.

In October 2008 Wren debuted his first clothing line at the Brooklyn Indie Market Steampunk fashion show, (full disclosure: I modeled one outfit), and the Purevile! empire hit the concrete runway. Wren's exposure continues to expand through feature articles in Marie Claire Italia, Bust, and, this coming April, Country Living. Look for Purevile! locally at the March 21st Dances of Vice and weekends at the Brooklyn Flea.

In a city where copy cat designs and over-priced imports are all too prevalent, Purevile! offers exquisite goods at excellent prices - with custom work always an option. Have you always harbored that burning desire for a raccoon penis bone pendant? Wren offers the kind of sordid intimacy that allows you to request just that. A 21st Century dandy with a camera-ready visage backed up by substantive talent, Wren and Purevile! exist to provide old world style and glamour with contemporary flair and function, of which we are all in dire need.

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