Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wildstreet II...Faster...Louder

The fact that a band like Wildstreet can fill a club in New York City is a wet dream come true. Since their hedonistic glam metal debut, they’ve scratched their sonic nails across the country’s back alleys and mainstreets, playing shows with those of the original sleaze rock coterie like L.A. Guns and Bang Tango. Two years later and they’ve got a new EP, (released digitally on January 25th), and it’s filled with the kind of riffs to drive your fists and lyrics slippery with enough sex action to make you yearn for better days.

Don Hills got a taste of the new tracks at the official release show last Friday; “Poison Kiss” won my vote with its refrain to “wake up when the sun’s down” - a reminder of a time when metal bands had a corner on the market of songs about sleep patterns. Things got really hot and heavy at the tail end of the set, however, when Militia of Judas Priestess stormed the stage for an electric duet of “Gimme Shelter” with Wildstreet frontman Eric Jayk. Her powerhouse vox were, as ever, dripping with diamonds and rust. It was an evening of heavy, trashy rock 'n' roll at it’s finest. Amen.

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