Monday, February 8, 2010

Infernal Simulations

Deemed an "unapologetic attempt to build an entertainment franchise around a 700-year-old literary masterpiece" by The New York Times, Dante's Inferno video game for XBox and PlayStation will descend upon retailers tomorrow. While some scholars have balked at the grossly inaccurate appropriation of this hellacious work, the Inferno's website endeavors to promote a decent historical representation of The Divine Comedy and Dante Alighieri, despite the fact that the game itself may deviate from the epic poem's plotline. After watching the teaser below where she-demons sprout spiked phallic appendages amidst a crumbling necroscape doused in flames and ash, all I could think was: where's my copy of The Inferno? Naysayers be damned, there's certainly enough seductive mayhem in this video game to inspire the intellectually curious to move beyond live action simulation to literate Hell.

Explore the 9 circles of Hell here...

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