Thursday, January 21, 2010

Religious to Damn @ Wierd

Zohra Atash is a master of the non-verbal. Fronting Religious to Damn she's chilling and serene, serious and otherworldly using vocal sounds as much as words to ignite cold flames around us. The highs on "To Love The Machine" cut to the quick, and "Sunset" is stunning. Her vocals are controlled with as much precision as her measured hip sways and steely stares, but when Atash unleashes the full force of her voice and the drums, keys, and guitars crescendo, it's frighteningly good. Her power is lovelier when louder. Lace and beads and bangs coupled with moments of brooding Nicks and Buckingham in the back and forth between Atash and Strawn made the show a bewitching affair. Restlessly await the upcoming full-length.

PH: Naomi Ramirez

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