Monday, November 23, 2009

Vampire Taxonomy

This weekend was a big one for vamp fans (no further comment needed on that subject), so I thought I'd mention a new book by Meredith Woerner: Vampire Taxonomy: Identifying and Interacting with the Modern-Day Bloodsucker. Whether you delight in this stuff or think it's a ridiculous teenybopper joke, it's hard to resist the burning vampiric questions Woerner answers (according to the publisher's website).

Diet: Are they waging a never-ending struggle against the temptation of human blood or do they view the world as their personal blood buffet?

Dress: Are they decked out in leather with aspirations of becoming the first vampire rock stars or do they cling to Gothic robes and ruffled collars?

To those who have the constitution to actually read this book, please do fill me in -- I'm dying to know...

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