Thursday, October 8, 2009

Automelodi @ Wierd

The explosive emanations consuming Home Sweet Home's antechamber last night were from none other than Montreal's minimal synth darlings, Automelodi. The show sounded so good as I worked the Wierd door that I can't help but make mention of it, despite the fact that I saw very little from my outside perch. The sounds were all that mattered, really, both from Xavier Paradis, his band, and the ecstatic audience. "Buanderie Jazz" is still a favorite - it has far more force live than on record - with its romantique, quavering melody that hooks you from the outset. The new tracks played held just as much promise as the old ones, making me wish Automelodi could play here more often...

For more background, a review I wrote of the Fait ses Courses EP for The Big Takeover is here, but a real time experience can be had this Friday when Automelodi plays a WBAR sponsored event at Underground Lounge along with Martial Canterel, Led Er Est, and Light Asylum!

Full Review (from inside) by my compatriot Frankie Teardrop.
PH: Zincink

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