Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brow Beaten

I wrote a cursory examination of eyebrow-less artists in 2006 for The Big Takeover, and now that shaved brows are so in vogue, (literally!), I had to mention the topic once more. Deborah Harry is pushing the trend, as are a number of Fall fashion looks. (See Adriana Lima for Givenchy.) The New York Times is even promoting the practice as recession-friendly. (Can't afford the latest handbag? Buy a razor instead!)

Speaking as one who has rocked a naked, asexual alien brow for nearly six years, this trend is a bit perplexing. Now, instead of awkward stares and ridicule, perhaps I'll be viewed as one of the elite followers of a new wave of personal grooming. That is, of course, until it soon goes out of style. Then they'll look at my face, thinking, "that's so last season" instead of just wondering why I look "a little off."

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Anonymous said...

I love you Kristen...sadly I have been drawing mine in everyday instead of rocking the no brow look. I do it for Julian..ha