Monday, May 11, 2009

Delilah Noir

As someone who finds the Blythe phenomenon completely baffling and yet strangely intriguing, I couldn't help posting the following item. Apparently, the 2009 Doll of the Year award (yes, such a thing exists...) was bestowed upon Delilah Noir, an "honor student by day and shadowy siren by night." Basically, she's a 16" strung vinyl ball-jointed blonde schoolgirl doll that also comes with a black wig and a Victorian-tart-cum-gothic-lolita set of clothes. The little black velvet waistcoat and purple and black lace knee highs are quite precious, I'll have to admit. The best part, is that the word 'goth' is nowhere to be found in the description of Delilah, so it's harder to pigeonhole or damn this little hellion with the usual rhetoric. Just look at what the dark doll intellectual has to say for herself, equating the shadowy recesses of night and her elegant costumery with freedom. :le sigh:

"The night excites me. There is something about the darkness that stirs my soul. I can't explain it. The street lights are lit, the stars peek out and the rays of the moon glow through a cloudy sky. I find comfort in the embrace of a buzzing city night.

The cool air that bites at my heels makes me want to dance. Stiletto lace ups are my passion. Corsets and coattails are only some of the clothes stashed away in the back of my closet. Red velvet, black lace, purple silk take my breath away.

Only the twilight can see me this way.....where my spirit can dance to any beat. My friends of the dusk feel as I do. I trust them, I love them, they are my soul mates. We live, love and laugh. They keep the secrets of my heart....and give me freedom to be me....if only just for a little while

It's impossible not to smirk at this, but nonetheless, Delilah Noir takes up a positive position as a promoter of dark culture even as it is appropriated and marketed by the mainstream toy industry. Place your early orders here, before Delilah's official unveiling in June. And I'll be keeping her in the blonde wig while she stalks the night scene, thank you very much ;/