Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shadowtime SF: Five and Diamond

The 'darkside cowboy' look has been branding its boot print across dark fashion since Carl McCoy married Sergio Leone with Aleister Crowley and set the Fields on fire in 1985. To this day, I have never found a single boutique that can adequately inject my ghost town getups with a Victorian flair the way San Francisco's Five and Diamond can. The black leather holster/harness and fleur de lis cuffs in my profile picture are two examples of the amazing leather work with an elegant western twist that the store offers. Along with all kinds of men's and women's clothes and accessories - from bloomers to black lace cowboy shirts with pearlized snaps and detachable sleeves - Five and Diamond also sells distinct pieces catering to the Burning Man crowd that aren't 'darkside cowboy' at all. The shop features many local designers so it's a sure bet you can't get these goods in person back in NYC, which makes it a little piece of hell *ahem* right in The Mission.

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Five and Diamond
510 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA

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