Sunday, February 27, 2011

20 Questions with Cult of Youth's Sean Ragon

Last week Cult of Youth's eponymous full-length debut on Sacred Bones unleashed swarms of spaghetti western dust storms, swells of psych dissonance, and strident neo-folk martiality. Singer/songwriter Sean Ragon's delivery and message tends to be surly yet thoughtful and undeniably earnest; he took a few moments out of his touring conquests to take on my 20 questions...


Hell is: everywhere or nowhere, the choice is yours…

New York City is: alright if you like saxophones

My latest record: is just the beginning… Just you wait for the next one!!!

Favorite vice: I work too much

Favorite virtue: I work too much

My onstage aesthetic: Total war or give peace a chance. Depends on the day...

Analog or Digital: Both are great if you know how to use them and you've got something to say. It's amazing how many people don't. Strangely enough those are usually the people that draw a line in the sand about the issue.

Hot or Cold: Hot. I grew up in the cold. I hate the cold. Seriously.

Best NYC venue to play: Secret Project Robot

Favorite NYC bar: Home Sweet Home

A rumor about my band: People accuse me of having all kinds of unfavorable political motivations without ever having met me or talked to me first. Kind of foolish if you ask me.

Pre-show ritual: I need a minute to myself

Post-show ritual: I need a minute to myself

Favorite Philosopher: Howard Stern

Favorite monster: the self

Dead muse: the old me

Living muse: the new me

By day: selling records at Heaven Street. Come on by!

By night: preferably sleeping! Sometimes DJing, sometimes playing shows, and sometimes just catching up on emails.

My musical motto: I don't do this because I want to, I do this because I have to. I'm still in disbelief that people are paying attention.

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